Protect Your Hearing From The Damage

We might do not recognize the hearing loss until we could not hear someone or the sound has the distance from us in many miles. “Sorry, could you please repeat it for me” frequently seems to increase in several persons, especially in elderly people between 55 and 65.

Hearing damage could be caused by several factors such as the injury, live in the noisy place and the aging. The hearing loss could happen to everyone no matter how old you are nowadays. Thus, you should protect your hearing from the possible damage before being a victim.

Keep your ears away from the big sound

When you recognize the noisy places or the huge volume of sound, you should get out of these places as quickly as you can to protect your hearing.
If you have to stay or work around the noisy areas, then you should invest the hearing protection, the headphones and the earplugs are the best solutions.
On the one hand, you could not recognize the huge of the volume which harms your ears, and you need to use an app to check the sound like dB Volume Meter.

Draw attention to your earphones or headphones

You should get appropriate headphones or earphones to feel comfortable when taking them on your ears.
Furthermore, you need to adjust the level of the volume in the headphones or earphones (under 60 percent) to protect your hearing ability.
If you have to wear the phones all the time, you would take the headphones or the headsets rather than the earphones as they have the cover ring to prevent an amount of sound to your ears.

Make a cup shape around your ears

Someone points out that make a cup shape around the ears could be silly, and they do not like to do that.
Nonetheless, this action might increase your hearing ability up to 10 decibels. On the flip side, some people press to the ear against the skull.

Avoid using the medication without asking the physicians

It is dangerous to take the medical treatment without asking the physicians, especially the medication.
The side effects of the medications enable to impact on other parts of your body and hearing loss is the best reasons in this situation.

Once using the medication, you should ask your doctor about the ingredients in each of the tablets or pills before absorbing these medications in your stomach.

Remove the wax

Your full of wax in your ears could lead to the hearing loss that you really do not realize. If your ear wax is strong and solid, then you could drop hydrogen peroxide or olive oil in your ears and wait for a few days to soften the wax. After that, you might take them out of your ears easily.

Use your own speakers

For those who have the hearing loss, you need to use the speakers and put them into your ears to increase the hearing capability. Moreover, you should consider the brand and the product before making a purchase.

Use the car speakers while driving

Do you sometimes take the headphones or the earphones while driving in the car? If yes, you might let your ears reduce the hearing ability.

In addition, you might get the possible accidents if you use the headsets as you are not able to recognize the signal from other cars.

Thus, you should find out the available car speakers like the JVC brand car speakers, for example, to fit on your car and insert them instantly. You will save your time and your budget while taking the car speakers in the right way.


Like other parts of our body, your ears and your hearing ability need to be protected even if you are a young man or not. Apply some tips to protect your ears as well as your hearing capability which you will not make an excuse in the forthcoming time. On the flip side, you enable to insert the rear speakers to build a perfect sound system on your car is a good idea to take into account.

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