How do you understand about Carbohydrates

There seems to be a lot of misconception today regarding carbohydrates.  Although our bodies need carbohydrates to survive, many of us are consuming the wrong types of carbs.

  • Simple Carbohydrates
  • Complex Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates provide “fuel” for our body.  Once ingested, carbs turn to glucose.  Glucose is carried by insulin, secreted from the pancreas, and fed to the cells.  The body needs glucose for energy.  Unfortunately, simple carbohydrates (white refined sugar and flour) have no significant amounts of nutrients.  In fact, they rob the body of essential vitamins and minerals.  If too much sugar is consumed, the body will eventually be forced to draw upon its own source of vitamins and minerals.  Once that source is depleted disease sets in.

Many of our so called food today has sugar in it.  It comes disguised in many forms and under many names: Sugar, corn syrup, sucrose, etc.  As a consumer you need to be very cautious when it comes to shopping.  Watch for those “hidden” sugars.  Read the labels.  They are there for a good reason.

Simple carbohydrates break down very quickly in the body.  They will cause large amounts of insulin to be released into the bloodstream.  Blood sugar levels are elevated very quickly.  

Many people get shaky during the day.  This is mainly because they skip meals and then eat the wrong kind of food.  How many of you drink a pop or eat a candy bar when you feel like this?  You get a quick sugar high and then your blood sugar level plummets.  This roller coaster ride can become a very vicious cycle.  Over a period of time, left unattended, it can lead to major health problems.

Many times, adult onset diabetes is a result of poor nutritional choices growing up.  Many diabetics are overweight.  They consume far too many simple carbohydrates.  They need to eat more simple carbs to feel full.

Complex carbohydrates break down slowly in your body, helping to maintain a normal blood sugar level.  Complex carbs are found in nuts, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.  They make you feel fuller and thus a person does not have to eat as much.  Overweight people need to eat more complex carbohydrates.

A little homework is needed to find what foods have complex carbohydrates in them.  It is worth the effort though.  Simple carbs rob your body.  Complex carbs nourish your body with essential vitamins and minerals.  You need to eat complex carbohydrates everyday.  If you are used to eating a lot of white sugar and flour, this will take some getting used to.  You will feel better after consuming complex carbs.  Health and vitality will return in you life and your pancreas will love you for it.

Diabetics and hypoglycemics alike need to watch their carbohydrate intake.  They need to read the labels.  Don’t just look for products that do not have sugar in them.  Look for products with a lower carbohydrate content.  That is the key to sustaining normal blood sugar levels.

I firmly believe diabetes can be controlled through diet and exercise.  Many diabetics eat wrong.  They are still eating sugar, drinking alcohol, and making poor nutritional choices.  Some of them offset their increased sugar levels with more insulin.  This is only worsening their condition.

Hypoglycemics need foods which will raise their blood sugar level.  Many people with low blood sugar problems will not eat breakfast and wait long periods of time between meals.  Then when they get hungry they eat something sweet which raises their blood sugar level for a short period of time.  Soon they crash and the cycle begins over again.

Hypoglycemics need to find foods containing complex carbohydrates.  This is the secret to effectively managing blood sugar problems in the body.

Remember:  Read the food labels.  Look for food without processed white sugar and enriched flours.  Find foods with a low carbohydrate level.

Fruit and some vegetables contain high levels of natural complex carbs.  Diabetics and hypoglycemics also need to be aware of this.  Even though most fruits and vegetables are healthy foods, they can still raise the blood sugar levels too high.  Another example is corn, pasta, and potatoes.  They are rich in carbs causing blood sugar levels to soar at times.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Be a smart shopper and increase your quality of living.  Learn how to distinguish between simple and complex carbohydrates and how they affect your body.  The results will be increased health and peace of mind.

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