The information saved my life.  

In 1992 I suffered a severe anxiety/panic attack.  Someone called 911 and soon I found myself in the back of an ambulance on the way to the Emergency Room. With an IV in my arm and paramedics around me I lay there wondering what was wrong with me.  I felt awful.

After a series of blood tests and a 3 hour glucose tolerance test I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).  It seemed the world as I knew it came to an abrupt end.  I needed answers to questions.

Unfortunately no one could really tell me what exactly had happened to me or why I ended up in the Emergency Room.  To say the least this was a very humbling experience for a 35 year old male.

I was put on Ativan to help with the severe anxiety I was experiencing,  I am the type of person who does not like to take medicine.  I soon began to see very clearly that the medical profession was not going to be able to answer my questions nor give me the results which I desired.

“Failure is simply repeated errors in judgment repeated over time.”

For most of my life I had no nutritional guidance.  Consequently I became what I term a “carbohydrate, sugar junkie.”  The wrong nutritional choices I made for so many years, day after day finally caught up with me.

I was frustrated, desperate, and an emotional basket case.  I needed answers to questions.  I somehow knew that my diet had something to do with what had happened to me.  

For the next several years I began an intense study into diet, nutrition, the human body, digestion, blood, the endocrine system and many other areas related to blood sugar management