First of all I want to let you know about the famous brand in audio.

This is JVC car stereo.

And you could refer here to see the history and establish of JVC as well.

Not everyone is a handyman, so the thought of fitting a set of new speakers to your car may seem impossible.  However, with a few tips most people could probably manage it.

Before going the route of having a professional install them, here are four things you should consider.

1.     Research and Read the Manual

Before you buy a new set of speakers, make sure that you know everything about your existing sound system. Read reviews and speak to the people you plan to buy them from.  The new speakers must be compatible with your system.  Speak to someone who knows a about fitting speakers to your model of car.  There may be unexpected difficulties.  Once you have your new speakers, read the manual from cover to cover and then decide if you can fit them yourself.

2.     Replace with the speakers of the same size

Find out what size your existing speakers are.  Replace them with JVC speakers of the same dimensions.  This will save you having to enlarge the holes in the door panels and modifying the mounting points in the rest of the car. Enlarging existing apertures may cause damage to the trim and weaken the structure.  Remember that the size of the speaker has little to do with its performance.

3.     Use the Right Tools

So you’ve decided that you can go it alone.  Use the correct tools.  Window winders, door handles and door panels can be removed with a screw driver, but it’s tricky and likely to cause damage.  Panel removal tools are made specifically for the removal of door panels.  They are not expensive and make the task quicker and much easier; buy one and use it for a professional result.

4.     Installing the Rear Speakers

Installing the rear speakers and speakers located in areas other than the door panels can be problematic. You might have to remove seats and panels and it may be very difficult to install the new speakers without causing damage to them or the car.

5.     Can You Do the Wiring?

With a set of new speakers, there may be new and complicated wiring to install.   You must be confidant that you can complete whatever wiring needs to be done.  Incorrect wiring can destroy your new speakers or, worse, your amplifiers and other peripheral equipment.

Remember, take it one step at a time and if the project looks like going wrong, don’t hesitate to call for help.  The people you bought your JVC speakers from will have details of a trustworthy installation professional.

6.     Find for you a JVC car stereo ?

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In the electronic market ,especially in car stereo, JVC  audio is a one of top best seller.If you are looking for a JVC car stereo why don’t decide to get one.


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